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 we’re committed to treating you fairly. Our Anti Harassment Cell is like your guardian, here to make sure you’re not mistreated during the loan settlement process.

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we believe in fairness and respect throughout your loan settlement journey. That’s where our Anti Harassment Cell comes in. Think of it as your personal guardian, dedicated to ensuring that you’re never subjected to unfair or harassing practices during the loan settlement process.

This special department was created to protect your rights and wellbeing. We understand that loan settlement can be challenging, but it should never involve harassment or intimidation. The Anti Harassment Cell’s primary mission is to prevent any form of abuse or harassment, including aggressive collection calls, threats, false information, or anything that causes you emotional distress.

If you ever feel that you’re experiencing harassment or unfair treatment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Anti Harassment Cell. You can reach out through our customer service or a dedicated email address. They take your concerns seriously and will investigate promptly. Rest assured, your privacy is important, and your complaints are typically treated with confidentiality.

The Anti Harassment Cell can take several actions to address harassment complaints, including directing calls to them, reporting issues to relevant authorities like RBI and banks, or helping you initiate legal action if necessary. While their primary role is to address harassment and ethical concerns, they can also connect you with our legal experts for additional assistance.

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The Anti Harassment Cell is a dedicated department within the Loan Settlement Agency that handles complaints and issues related to harassment or unfair practices during debt collection or loan settlement processes.

The Anti Harassment Cell was established to ensure that clients and individuals seeking loan settlement services are treated fairly and ethically. It aims to prevent any abusive or harassing practices during the debt resolution process.

Harassment in loan settlement can include incessant and aggressive collection calls, threats, intimidation, false statements, or any behavior that causes emotional distress to the debtor.

You can contact the Anti Harassment Cell through the Settlement on Loan customer service or a dedicated email address.

If you believe you are being harassed during the loan settlement process, you should contact the Anti Harassment Cell immediately and report the issue. They will investigate and take appropriate action.

Complaints submitted to the Anti Harassment Cell are typically treated with confidentiality to protect the privacy of the individuals involved.

The Anti Harassment Cell asks you to transfer the calls directly to them, raise complaints to the RBI, the Banks, or ask the complaint to register a case.

The primary role of the Anti Harassment Cell is to address harassment and ethical issues. They may connect you with our legal experts for legal assistance to take if legal action is required.

The time to resolve harassment complaints can vary depending on the complexity of the issue. The Anti Harassment Cell aims to address complaints promptly and fairly”

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